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As I am a data warehouse developer, I have frequently running jobs when I'm not at office.
So I must check job status when I'm eating, watching tv or any where else.

With this application you can check your job status via mobile (any) mail application.
The main idea is that, send your job mail address, a mail, subject Like "MC TABLES"
Mail Commander Reads your outlook inbox and detects the "mail command" starting with MC.
Runs the query that you set before.
Returns you the query result data via mail. (Example below)

To set up Mail Commander

  • Download Latest Version zip file
  • Open it to any folder
  • Write your database servers to MailCommander.exe.config
  • Add your Mail Commands (you must set a Command, Server, Description and Sql Query)
  • Send You a mail Like "MC TABLES"

Not1: Work with .Net 3.5+
Not2: Tested with Outlook 2010

07-10-2016 15-51-11.png

10-10-2016 10-53-05.png
10-10-2016 10-53-18.png
10-10-2016 10-54-09.png
10-10-2016 10-54-17.png
10-10-2016 10-54-26.png
Mail Excample
10-10-2016 11-04-05.png

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